Admission Requirements:

    • Minimum Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University/College.
    • Successful completion of Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management of IBER of UIU for Non-HR applicants.

Diploma Requirements:

Students must complete the following six courses with a minimum 2.5 CGPA.

PGD 1211: HR Communications
PGD 1212: Employee Relations & Employment Laws in Bangladesh
PGD 1213: Managing Organizational Change
PGD 1221: Organization Design and Development
PGD 1222: Compensation and Benefit Management
PGD 1223: Project in HRM Practices in Bangladesh and Viva-Voce

Common Features of PGDHRM

Program Structure:

Each of the programs is structured to be completed within 22 weeks of study while each course is to be completed within 11 weeks of study. Each program consists of 6 (six) courses of 18 credit hours, each having 3 credits. Students are required to prepare a mandatory final project/thesis of three credits only for the PGDHRM program. The PGDHRM program also culminates with an oral comprehensive viva-voce to assess the students’ grasp of theoretical and practical issues identified in the final project/thesis.

Class Schedule:

Three classes will be held on Friday every week. Each class with 3- hour duration at UIU campus.

Grading System: The program will follow the grading system as approved by UGC for the academic programs of UIU.

Teaching Methodology:

Teaching methodology will include a combination of lectures, exercises, case studies, in-class assignments, projects, student presentations, group work, field trips and guest speakers. All classes will be offered during evenings or on weekly holidays to accommodate students who wish to complete the program on a part-time basis. It will be a training based practical oriented program.