Post Graduate Diploma in Tax Management

The Post Graduate Diploma in Tax Management (PGDTM) is a specialized value-added qualification in tax management and tax compliance which is very effective to establish tax governance in Bangladesh. It is a joint program designed by IBER of UIU in collaboration with FCTB to combine academic knowledge and practical skills.


After completion of the program the participants would be able to:

  • Compute tax and tax rebate for individuals, companies and other organizations.
  • Fill up the income tax return.
  • Earn background knowledge to become an income tax practitioner (ITP) and VAT consultant.
  • Aid higher professional studies in ICAB, ICMAB, ICSB, ACCA, CPA, CFA, Law Education and MBA.
  • Get membership from FCTB.

Why Choose PGDTM of IBER, UIU,and FCTB?

  • First time any private University offers this program in joint collaboration with professionals.
  • Practically oriented tax curriculum developed jointly by IBER of UIU and FCTB.
  • Courses are taught by Senior Faculty Members of UIU, Fellow Members from ICAB, ICMAB, ICSB, Tax Practitioners and high officials from tax authorities like NBR.
  • Computer LAB along with all modern amenities available to access any information or resources across the world.
  • Tax Software and Accounting software will be additional learning.
  • Flexible payment mode by installment system. Avail wide network of tax professional through FCTB.
  • Special feature: Upon successful completion of the  PGDTM program, the graduates will get the membership of FCTB as per prescribed rules and conditions.

Admission Criteria

  • Foundation Level
    Foundation level is for non-business graduates.
  • Knowledge Level
    Business graduates are eligible to apply for knowledge level.

Program Duration

The program has been designed for six (6) months, total 600 marks for business graduates and total 800 marks for non-business graduates.


Foundation Level (For Non-Business Graduates)